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Top 5 Video Games Right Now

Top 5 Video Games Right Now


Are you looking out for the best video game that involves modern combat weapons? The first-person shooter (FPS) games are the best option you can buy. This genre developed in the mid-1970s, but it wasn’t until the 90s when the games became more violent.

The FPS video games use the first-person perspective that focuses more on the individual weapon. In this game, the player uses the eyes of the protagonist to navigate and fight the enemies.

Over the years since its invention, this genre has undergone significant advancement in pseudo-3D graphics, leading to the development and improvement of the multi-gaming functions. As a result of this development in the three decades FPS video games genre has gained popularity all over the world. In this guide, we will take you through the factors to consider, their best features, and a review of the top 5 video games.

Before you choose the best Top 5 FPS Games 2020

Before you buy an FPS video game, there are many factors that you should consider first. For example, if a buyer wants to use the game with their PC, they should check out if the computer can run the game effectively. The following are some features to consider.

  • Compatibility and special requirement

Before you purchase your ideal FPS video game, it is advisable to understand the console you will use to run the game. Also, check out the compatibility of the platform you are buying for the game.

Many FPS games require additional gadgets likes PlayStation or motion controller. The others will need more disk space to run effectively. Also, look out for extra charges like monthly charges, can the game be played online or offline.

You should check the specification of your personal computer first before buying FPS games. Some PC models lack the graphics and space to hold the FPS games, as well.

  • Buy online or offline.

Nowadays, many companies that design and produce FPS games sell their product online. With your computer or smartphone’s help, you can make an order online, and the games will be sent to you within the specified period.

However, not all FPS games are online, especially the older versions no longer in production.

It is recommendable for game lovers to buy their FPS video genre in a game store that will expose them to thousands of titles that they did not know. Also, in these stores, you get an opportunity to test your lovely game.

  • Choose appropriate content.

Buying an FPS game for yourself is easy because you already have the taste and content you need. However, when you are buying it for your children or other family members, it is advisable to adhere to the ESRB rating guideline. When rating the contents, ESRB uses parameters such as drug use, violence, nudity, language, and other negative behaviors.

  • Some of these ratings are as follows.
    • Early Childhood (EC) -when a game is rated early childhood, it targets children between the ages of 2 to 5 years.
    • E -the letter E stands for everyone. It means that the game is user-friendly to everyone, including your kids.
    • E10+ -when a game rating is E10+, it means that it is suitable for anyone above the age of 10. The rating comes as a result of the complexity of the content.
    • T-the letter stands for teens. It means that the game is suitable for anyone above 13 years.
    • M-the letter stands for mature; thus, the intended age is 17 and above. The game will depict robust graphics and extreme violence, blood, sexual theme, and even nudity.
    • AO- the target group is adults only. So the best audience will be ages 18 and older. This game shares the same content as M but might be more intense.

How to choose the best FPS video game genre

Each FPS genre thrives on delivering unique content to its ideal users to stand out. However, the following are some features you should consider when buying the best video genre.


  • Level choice

Many FPS genre lovers always skip the tutorial section. A good FPS game will allow the user to skip this section with ease. It should also enable the user to start by a new level after completing or accumulating enough points.

This feature is one of the biggest challenges many FPS games face. To solve this problem, they ensure that all the missions are listed and that the condition in those missions is well-known. As a result of this preset guideline, the player can focus on the objective of the game.

  • Cinematic and basic control

Modern FPS games have modern cinematics themes. As a result, their designers cut across movies like scenes requiring little or no gamer’s input to drive it forward.

However, the conditions set are not always applicable in real life. Circumstances and situations that the gamers encounter: important phone call, the office, need to recycle your drink(s), or even attend to a crying baby makes pausing the game a vital feature to consider.

Similarly, an excellent FPS game should allow you to ignore cinematics or give you a choice to let you play them through if you do not want to see them. Also, the developers should allow you to skip if you do not wish to view those scenes.

  • Multiple languages

Since the inception of FPS games, many developers worldwide have been working for a better quality genre. Sometimes these developers tend to think that their languages is superior to others, but in reality, that is not the case. People in the USA or UK may think English is a common language, but that is not the case; it ranked third behind Chinese Mandarin and Spanish, ranked first and second consecutively.

Developers need to accommodate a broader audience with a language that makes sense to each one of them. Also, the language will enable the developer to localize the concept to the intended consumers. As a gamer, ensure you buy an FPS genre that communicates in a language that you can understand clearly.

This feature will enable you to understand and enjoy while playing the game.

Top 5 FPS Games 2020 REVIEWS

Below are the reviews of the top 5 video games right now:

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Link to Call of Duty Website)

Amazon Link for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on XBox One

General Overview

The Call of responsibility has been over and about with world war two, space adventure, and battle royale action. Contemporary ware features both single tactical player and multiplayer modes. The games also have some features that reward the gamer when they discern innocent characters.

Some of the features that are associated with this genre.

The game has a multiplayer function that enables the user to participate in a 2by2, 6by6, or a 32 by 32 ground war matches when war broke.

In their post-launch, they ensure that the content given is free with an inclusion of the new map modes and events.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a fantastic shooting scene.
  • The multiplayer mode is robust
  • High-quality graphics
  • Able to cross-play Xbox and play station 4.


  • When using it on PlayStation 4, it lacks the necessary mode.

Who does Call for the duty: modern warfare target?

The video game has an ESBL rating that is suitable for adults.


Modern warfare introduces an incredibly raw and gritty narrative that gives this genre a changing nature for war’s contemporary art. This game consists of thrilling moments that raise your tension. It provides the gamer with an excellent run-and-gun online shooter, making online team-based competition great.

2. Doom (Link to Bethesda Website)

Amazon Link for Doom: Eternal on XBox One

General Overview

Doom has thrived and maintained its market niche. These video games give the lovers of FPS a thrilling experience. This game uses the latest sequel; thus, it holds the platform of the best modern update one can think. Lately, Doom is the best FPS game in the market. Some of the features that make this video game unique are

  • It allows a gamer to fight and slay demons who had done an invasion on earth. The demon slayer is given a chance as a single epic campaign.
  • The game introduces speed and power to the player.


Pros and Cons


  • Introduces the gamer to multiple enemies and an array of weapons to choose
  • The game comes with quality tones graphics.
  • Has a satanic soundtrack
  • It is one of the best FPS games in the market.


  • The multiplayer requires some work to be effective.
  • It has unstoppable plugs.

Who does the Doom target?

This game is best for a person who is within 17 to 20 years old.


The best-selling and award-winning game is a creation of id software. Doom allows the gamer to become the best demon slayer. It combines the speed and power to help you battle across dimensions with a leap in push- forwards, first-person combat.

3. Rainbow Six Siege (Link to Ubisoft Website)

Amazon Link for Rainbow Six: Seige

General overview

It is one of the most massive shooters available in the market. It has large numbers of operators to choose from and features a healthy competitive e/sport. It also features frequent seasonal updates that treat the players to new additional operators, maps, and content drops that expound all the Siege offers’ tactical meaning. This FPS game is most suitable if you are looking for a game to play with a group of friends as teamwork. With a multitude of operators, you and your friends can choose the favorite operator and thrill.

Pros and cons


  • It features an engaging tactical shooter
  • Team is necessary
  • a multitude of operators that are well-balanced
  • Consistent updates and additions


  • It can be difficult to newcomers
  • Trolls have the possibility of ruining your matches less penalty

Who does the Rainbow Six Siege target?

This video game is suitable for anyone above the age of 17 years. It has an M ESRB rating.


Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best video games right now. It features a multitude of operators and regular updates to make you victorious.

4. Battlefield V (Link to EA Games Website)

Amazon Link for Battlefield V

General overview

This video game gives the user incredible, fast, and advanced experiences when playing these FPS genres. The gamer can connect with war stories content with the battlefield as you take on the multiplayer gameplay.

The following are some features that make this video game unique.

This game gives you the ability to assemble your team of ideal soldiers, vehicles, and weapons to prepare to undertake your mission.

The game developer introduces the Second World War to the gamer in the best way possible. As a result, it makes the user experience an intense battlefield at the comfort of their screen.

The user does not have to worry about missing out on the previous version because this design uses a self-contain narrative.

Pros and Cons


  • Has a consistent performance
  • Its story offers an excellent single-player structure.
  • The video game is more visually impressive.


  • The repetitive game structure and design are boring.
  • Its progressive system requires you to do streaming.

Who does Doom Battlefield V target?

This game has an ESRB content rating of strong language, blood, and violence. It is most suitable for persons above the age of 17years.


This video game uses three battleground scenarios: North Africa desert, colored forest in France, and the Snowy Mountains in Norway. As a result, it gives the user three distinct looks that give the user the idea of these micro worlds. This genre takes on a physical or an all-out multiplayer mode that enables you to do a grand operation.

5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Link to Steam)

Price: approximately $49.99

General overview

This video game is ideal for first-person shooter game lovers who enjoy hostage rescue missions that involve bomb diffusing. The game can accommodate up to 16 players when using Xbox Live. Some of the features that make this game stand out.

When using Xbox live it allows you to use a multiplayer action. As you play this game, you can easily communicate with 15 friends who are using Xbox live. The games also use a unique ranking player system that helps the gamer select opponents on the same level.

It enhances an exclusive treat to its prayer. The player can defuse bombs and rescue hostages.

The game gives you a real counter-terrorist experience. When playing this game, you get involved with the world of deep counter-terrorism. It also allows you to lead your elite team in the jungle of Asia, Eastern Europe, and Columbia’s humid area.

Pros and cons


  • The game has a robust multiplayer base.
  • An excellent user interface.
  • Quality sound design


  • Use outdated maps.
  • The community is unwelcoming.
  • It can be repetitive.

Who does Counter-striker: global offensive target?

The game is suitable for a person who is 17 and 20 years of age.


This iconic FPS game by counter-striker is arguably one of the best video games. The video game comes with an improved new panorama UI that helps it to improve its interface drastically. The game introduces the prayer to a team of 16 elite combat men using its excellent multiplayer mode.


Buying the best top 5 video games right now is a challenging task for FPS games lovers. In three decades, FPS games have undergone massive technological advancement. As a result, these products give their focus on better customer experience.

Most of all, the popular shooting video games nowadays use the first-person shooter perspective. They also give the user various weapons to choose from, thus improving the gamer combat skills. Among the best top 5 FPS games in 2020 are: Doom Eternal, the standard version, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Battlefield V.

These games, apart from Doom Eternal, offer their consumer a superb multiplayer mode. They are all characterized to have quality graphics and can use Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. When buying this product, ensure that you look out for the best feature that will best work for you.

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